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Flat Roofs

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Choosing the right type of flat roof for your property in Regina can be a challenging decision. The selection of flat roofing materials should align with the specific requirements of your new construction or re-roofing project. At URE: United Roofing & Exteriors, we understand the complexities of flat roofing and offer tailored solutions to meet your needs. Whether you have a smaller residential roof or a large-scale commercial project, we have the expertise to guide you toward the ideal flat roofing material.

For smaller residential roofs, we recommend flat roofing materials suitable for residential applications. These materials offer durability, waterproofing capabilities, and long-lasting performance. We ensure that your residential flat roof is properly installed, protecting your home for years to come. On the other hand, large-scale commercial projects require a different approach. We offer alternative flat roofing materials specifically designed for commercial applications. These materials are engineered to meet the unique demands of commercial properties, providing optimal protection and performance for your business.

With URE: United Roofing & Exteriors, you can trust that we will provide you with the right solution for your flat roof in Regina and the surrounding area. Our experienced team will assess your needs, considering factors such as size, usage, budget, and environmental considerations. We prioritize quality and precision in our installations, ensuring your flat roof performs flawlessly. When it comes to flat roofing in Regina, rely on URE: United Roofing & Exteriors for expert guidance and exceptional service. Contact us today to discuss your flat roofing needs, and let us provide you with the perfect solution.


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At URE: United Roofing & Exteriors, we provide a wide range of flat roofing services tailored to meet the needs of our commercial, industrial, and residential customers in Regina and the surrounding area. Whether you require flat roof repair, maintenance, or installations, we have the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results.

Our team specializes in flat roof repair, addressing any issues that may arise with your existing flat roof. From leaks and water damage to membrane repairs and insulation, we are equipped to handle various repair needs promptly and effectively. Our goal is to restore the integrity of your flat roof, ensuring long-lasting protection for your property.

In addition to repairs, we offer comprehensive flat roof maintenance services. Regular maintenance is essential to prolong the lifespan of your flat roof and prevent potential issues. Our roofing experts will inspect your flat roof, identify any signs of damage or deterioration, and perform the necessary maintenance tasks to keep your roof in optimal condition.

When it comes to flat roof installations, we have extensive experience catering to the unique requirements of commercial, industrial, and residential projects. We utilize high-quality materials and industry-leading techniques to deliver superior flat roof installations built to last. Our team will work with you to understand your needs and recommend the most suitable flat roofing solution for your property.

Choose United Roofing & Exteriors for all your flat roofing needs in Regina. Our commitment to exceptional service, quality workmanship, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Contact URE today to discuss your flat roofing project or to schedule flat roof repair and maintenance services.

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