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Top 3 Roof Maintenance Tips

Top 3 Roof Maintenance Tips

Top 3 Roof Maintenance Tips

The weather in Regina has been all over the map; we get hot summer-like weather, then snow, then rain, then wind, back to the heat, and then bam, tornado watch. We rely on our homes to protect us from the elements, especially in Saskatchewan, where our weather is unpredictable and unforgiving. Your roof bears the brunt of the impact weather has on our homes. Let’s inspect your roof together!

  1. Clean off your roof. Remove all debris like rocks, branches, etc. Get your gutters, drains, and spouts maintenance. Trim any tree foliage that might be adding unnecessary wear and tear to your roof.
  2. Check the seals around fixtures. Any vents for the attic or plumbing, skylights, chimneys, whirlybirds, etc., make sure that everything is caulked and waterproof. Check for loose flashing, nails, and bolts.
  3. Attic inspection. The best way to notice if your roof’s integrity is compromised to check the attic for mould, mildew, and moisture. Having a regular examination of the attic can help you identify problem areas on the roof before getting to your trusses or drywall.

Specialty items:

  1. Flat roofs need to be checked that gravel is consistently level; we recommend yearly maintenance of flat roofs to ensure they maintain the grade required to accumulate water.
  2. Metal roofs need to be inspected for loose bolts and corroded or damaged panels.

When you’re up on your roof, make an indicator of the items that need to have an eye kept on them for your next routine roof maintenance inspection. Any previous roof repairs should always be at the top of your roof inspection checklist because they indicate areas of compromise. The roofing specialists at United Roofing & Exteriors offer roof inspections by skilled professionals. Regular roof maintenance will fortify your roof’s integrity, prolong the lifespan of your roof, and maintains the appearance of your home.

If asphalt shingles are peeling, curling, cracked, or just plain missing, then your roof needs to be replaced. Trust our professionals with your next new roofing package, annual roof maintenance inspection, and roofing repairs to give yourself confidence in the roof over your head.