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Tips for Roof Maintenance this Winter Season

Tips for Roof Maintenance this Winter Season

We all know the Canadian winters can be harsh on your roof. With snow, ice, and freezing temperatures throughout the country during December, January, and February, it is vital to maintain your roof correctly! These conditions can cause a lot of stress and sometimes damage your roof, so here are some tips to keep it safe during the winter months.

1. Inspect your roof before the first snowfall to identify any problems needing repair.

2. Shovel your roof after a significant snowfall to prevent snow from piling up on your roof.

3. Keep an eye on your vents to ensure they are clear from leaves or other debris that could prevent proper airflow inside your home.

4. Check your gutters for any build-up of leaves or other debris that could clog runoff water channels or create ice dams near the edge of the home's eaves.

5) Trim the trees around your home to prevent them from breaking off during a storm and damaging your roof.

Roof maintenance is essential year-round, but the winter months are typically more challenging for roof maintenance. Exposure to the elements can cause a lot of stress to your roof; that's why proper maintenance is so essential! Without a roof, your home has no protection from the elements; that's why it's one of the most essential parts of your home! Ensure your roof is prepared for the harsh conditions that come with it. 

The best thing you can do is inspect your roof before the first snowfall to identify any problems or concerns needing to be addressed. Look for missing or damaged shingles, old or cracked caulking, and damaged flashing. If you see something, contact a local roofing professional promptly so they can come out and repair it before the worst happens.

Proper winter roof maintenance also includes shovelling the snow off your roof after a significant snowfall. We know this can be a pain, but a snow build-up can cause roof leaks and even more severe structural damage if not taken care of quickly. Hiring a local professional for tasks like this is always a good idea, but if you feel comfortable doing it yourself, make sure you stay safe! Never get on your roof during wet or snowy conditions. Taking proper safety precautions will prevent you from slipping and falling off or through your roof.

Ensure your vents are clear of leaves and other debris that could prohibit proper airflow inside the home. Improper ventilation can cause the snow on your roof to melt inconsistently and potentially cause ice dams or roof leaks. Snow on your roof should melt according to the temperature outside, not be influenced by temperatures inside your home. If you notice uneven melting on your roof, contact us, and we will come out and have a look!

Check your gutters for any build-up of leaves or debris that could clog eavestroughs. Debris build-up creates an environment for ice dams to form near the edge of the home's eaves. Ice dams can not only cause damage to your roof, but they can be potentially dangerous to people too!

Another essential maintenance tip is to make sure you trim any tree branches hanging over your roof. During a storm, hanging branches can fall off and cause severe damage to your roofing system. Ensuring your roof is clear of any potential hazards will ensure your roof and your home are safe this winter!

With winter already here, it's important to remember your roof's maintenance needs. It's an unavoidable fact that your roof will take a beating this winter. However, if you follow these simple tips, you can ensure that your roof can withstand the weight of snow and ice! 

If you've noticed that your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, call our professional roofing contractors for help! We do roofing maintenance inspections and repairs, and we also offer free estimates for repairs! Winter is brutal on your roof, so get ahead of the game to avoid costly repairs in the future.