Signs You Need New Fascia Boards and Soffits.

Signs You Need New Fascia Boards and Soffits.

You are probably already aware your roof is an integral part of your home. Your roof has many parts that help keep your home safe; fascia and soffits are two essential parts. Fascia and soffits help protect your property from the elements of nature, including rain, wind and even pests! If you notice that your fascia boards or soffits are damaged or have become unstable, there is a chance that other parts of your roof will also be affected. It is highly recommended to replace worn and damaged fascia boards and soffits with new ones as soon as possible to help protect your home from damage. But how do you tell if your fascia and soffits are damaged and need replacement? We'll tell you! 

You will need to replace your roof's fascia boards and soffits if they're deteriorating. These essential parts of your roof help protect your home from water damage, but if they are rotting or not adequately maintained, they can also cause leaks that lead to mould growth inside your home. If you notice any of these signs in your fascia boards or soffits:

  1. Discoloration of the wood
  2. Rotting or splintering
  3. Warping or curling up of the board

quick inspection will help you notice any signs of damage. If you do notice signs of deterioration, we do not recommend trying to repair them yourself. Since they are such essential parts of your roof, you may do more damage trying to repair them. Improper repairs can lead to leaks, which will cause water damage to your entire roofing system. Instead of attempting DIY repairs, contact the experts at United Roofing & Exteriors! Our roofing professionals can have them repaired in no time and save you time and money on more costly repairs in the future.

If your gutters hang below the fascia boards, this can mean two things. They're not appropriately attached, or the fascia boards are too low. In most cases, it's a combination of both. Many gutter systems attach to the roof structure with supports called fascia brackets or gutters brackets. These brackets can become loose over time and need to be tightened (or replaced) to support the weight of your gutter system. If your gutters hang too low, they can overflow and cause water damage to your roof and your home. We recommend having an expert come out for an inspection before making assumptions about what might be causing this problem. 

The ventilation of a roofing system is essential. It allows hot air to escape throughout the entire structure. Having a sound ventilation system helps reduce heat loss through your roof. Soffits can also help with the ventilation of your attic and roof. A soffit vent is installed into your roof's soffit (under the eaves). This allows outside air to be drawn into the attic and hot air to escape. The majority of homes are fitted with roof vents around the roof's peak that provide ventilation. When used with a soffit vent, they will work much more efficiently. Damaged soffits can cause moisture to build up inside your roof and cause structural damage and mould growth. If you notice your soffits are damaged, contact a professional roofer as soon as possible to have them fixed. 

If you notice a lot of bugs, pests and rodents in your attic or roof spaces, it may be time for a new fascia board and soffit. When the boards on the outside of your home aren't properly sealed and protected from damage, pests will be able to get into your attic through any openings. These critters include squirrels, rats, mice and insects that can cause significant damage to walls and furniture if left unchecked. The good news is that this is an easy fix! A professional roofing contractor will be able to install new soffits and fascia around the eaves of your home, so these openings are better protected against pests. A professional roofer will also ensure no cracks or gaps in your fascia and soffits. Small animals could try to access your house via gutter joints, soffit connections or any other areas where they could get inside without being noticed first.

When you have damaged fascia boards and soffits, water can seep into your home through the underside of your roof. This is why it's essential to check for leaks on the underside of the roof and inside your attic. Leaks can be damaging to your home. Water can damage your belongings, walls, ceilings, roofing system, and your home's structural stability. Aside from extensive damage, leaks can cause mould growth which can be very dangerous to your and your family's health. If you notice a leak in either location, one or more components in your roofing system likely need replacing.

Checking your fascia and soffits annually is a great way to ensure that your roof performs its job properly. If you notice issues with your fascia and soffits, you may be able to repair or replace them before they cause more damage. When fascia and soffits are kept in good repair, they aesthetically help your home protect you from water, mould, or pests. If you need roof repairs or replacement for your home, call the experts at United Roofing & Exteriors! Our roofing professionals can have your roofing system in tip-top shape in no time! Contact us today!