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How to Prepare Your Roof for the Cold Winters

How to Prepare Your Roof for the Cold Winters

We got our first taste of winter here in Saskatchewan over the weekend. You may be thinking, "I haven't prepared my roof for winter!" Your roof keeps you and your family warm, safe and dry during the brutal Saskatchewan winters, so keeping it in good condition is essential. Maintaining your roof isn't difficult, and even now that it has snowed, you can still take some steps to ensure your roof stands up to winter weather conditions. The roofing experts at United Roofing & Exteriors have put together some maintenance tips to help prolong your roof's lifespan and ensure it's ready for winter. If you want to know how to better prepare your roof for the Saskatchewan winter, keep reading!

Trim Overhanging Branches

You may have noticed the branches of your trees hanging over your roof. As you prepare for winter, it's essential to ensure those branches are trimmed back so they don't break off and damage any of your roofing material. When snow and ice build-up on weak or rotting branches, they can snap off and cause severe damage to your roof or even people! Overhanging branches can scrape against your shingles when it's windy and cause them to become loose and damaged. Build-up of snow and ice on overhanging branches can also contribute to ice dams which can lead to leaks! 

Clean Gutter and Downspouts

It's essential to clean your gutters and downspouts to avoid a build-up of leaves, debris, and other materials that can block the flow of ice melt away from your home. If your gutters are blocked and full of debris, the water will not be able to drain and can cause damage to your roof, which is not something you want in winter. If snow and ice don't have a clear path to drain, your home will also be at a high risk of leaks, water damage, mould and deterioration. If your home has gutter guards installed (designed to collect leaves and debris before they can reach the gutters), these should also be inspected. If they're clogged with debris, then it will be time for them to be cleaned out as well. 

Check for Signs of Animals, Birds or Pests

Another step to ensure your roof is ready for winter is making sure there are no holes in your roof and that it's sealed properly. This isn't just to check for leaks; it's also to ensure no birds, animals, or other pests are making a home in your roof. As you prepare your roof for winter, it is essential to keep an eye out for any unexpected guests looking for a new home for the winter. From squirrels and raccoons to birds, bugs and mice, the warmth of your roof is a common hiding place for them to try and keep warm during the colder months. These nests and entry points can cause a great deal of damage to the safety, performance and overall lifespan of your roofing system! To safely remove any active animal activity from your home, we highly recommend working with an experienced pest control specialist.

Inspect Attic Insulation and Ventilation

It is common knowledge that the insulation and ventilation in your attic can help you stay warm, save money on utility bills and even help to protect your roof. This is why inspecting your attic is essential to ensuring your roof is ready for winter. Without proper ventilation, moisture will build up in your attic, resulting in water damage and mould growth. If your attic is not insulated correctly, your roof will also be at a higher risk of melting snow and ice on the shingles, which will cause heavy ice dams. Inspect the attic insulation to ensure it has not been damaged by water and is thick enough for winter. You can also inspect the ventilation in your attic to ensure there are no holes or gaps in the ventilation and no signs of condensation on any of the surfaces. When preparing your roof for the winter, don't just inspect the outside; inspect your attic as well!

Get a Roof Inspection

In order to ensure your roof is ready for winter, get it inspected by a local roofing contractor. A professional roofing inspection will allow you to make sure that everything is in working order and can be repaired before any damage occurs. You can perform a roof inspection on your own, but a professional roofer will be able to spot signs of damage that you may miss. From the shingles and the flashing to the valleys and sealant, it is essential any damages are found and repaired before winter really sets in so they can be repaired. United Roofing & Exteriors offers residential and commercial inspections throughout the province to help you ensure your roof is ready for the harsh Saskatchewan winter.

Have Any Damage Repaired

If any damages are found during your roof inspection, they must be repaired before winter. A roof that is not properly maintained will lead to further damage, and eventually, your roof will need to be replaced. Roof repairs and replacements are very difficult during the winter months. Having any damages repaired now will save you a lot of time, stress and money. If you need roof repairs, United Roofing & Exteriors offers affordable roof repairs to ensure your roof is ready to take on the Saskatchewan winter!

Prepare Your Roof for the Saskatchewan Winter With These Tips from United Roofing & Exteriors

By following these tips, you'll be able to get your roof ready for whatever Saskatchewan weather throws at it. If you have any problems with your roof, make sure to take care of them immediately, so they don't cost you more money later on down the road! No matter how prepared you think you are, sometimes things will happen. If you experience roof damage this winter due to strong winds and storms, United Roofing & Exteriors offers emergency roof repair services so you don't get stuck in the cold! Our expert roofing contractors are to help you need them! If you need roof repairs, emergency or not, contact us today! We'll get your roof in tip-top shape in no time!