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Don't let the Benefits of Metal Roofing go over your head!

Don't let the Benefits of Metal Roofing go over your head!

Need a new roof and all the options are going over your head? Get it? There are a huge amount of roofing finishes and we know you are looking for the optimum roofing option so we are here to tell you why we find metal roofing to be the best dynamic roofing material on the market. Metal roofing is becoming more common and growing in popularity because it lasts longer, and is more durable than traditional options (like asphalt shingles and cedar shingles or wood shingles), making it also a more environmentally conscious option, so let’s talk about why.

Green Environmental Roofs

No, not the colour, although metal roofing has a huge selection of colour options, profiles and coating finishes but what we’re referring to is environmental impact. Whether you choose a corrugated metal roof or metal tile roofs, metal is easily the most eco-friendly option because the materials are recyclable and are made from recycled items. You can get steel roofs, aluminum roofing, tin metal roofing options and even copper roofing in historical roof restoration, just like the restoration of The Saskatchewan Legislative Building. You can also support the economy when buying metal roofing because often metal fabrication can be done locally and the process doesn’t produce

You’re old asphalt roof shingles? Metal roofing is installed right on top, so they never go to the landfill, which means no demolition and decreases the time it takes to install the new roof. We get lots of sunshine all across Canada and metal roofs also dissipate the heat minimizing your cooling costs and decreasing that energy bill.

The manufacturing and transportation processes for metal roofing don’t release high amounts of emissions compared to other roofing material and producing metal locally means transportation emissions and costs are also reduced.


The roof protects your house, if it isn’t durable and stands up to the test of time then you need a new roof. Metal roofs often boast lifetime warranties, what that means differs business to business. The lifespan of a metal roof can make it well past the 50 year mark compared to traditional asphalt shingles lasting up to 25 year (and that’s with consistent maintenance), but who are we kidding, Canada’s weather is unforgiving and we often find 15 years is an average expected lifespan. Some steel roof systems have stood reliably for 100+ years, so the material chosen also plays a role.

Metal roofs require very little in terms of maintenance, even during those long Canadian winters. They need to be sealed avers 20 years or so, but I think we can both agree that beats a whole new roof. You can customize your roof to suit your needs according to the gauge of metal you select. You can ask your professional roofer which gauge they recommend, and remember; the lower the gauge the thicker which means it will be stronger.

Fun fact, metal roofs are the most fire resistant type of roofing and very difficult for pests to penetrate, but also are more leak-proof than traditional shingles. They are designed to interlock too so they can resist those high winds that like to tear off shingles - we’re looking at you prairies.

Raise the Roof

You have time for more fun in your life when you minimize maintenance of things like your roof. Metal roof is the low maintenance roofing option, water runs off of them; they dry fast, and are difficult to damage.  The seams are often covered in a concealed fastener roof system or standing seam metal roofing and this makes them even more resistant to the elements making your roof maintenance –free.

A nice benefit of metal roofs is that they might also reduce your home insurance depending on your policy package. A fun fact asked to roofing professionals is if a metal roof attracts lightning, and it does not, it is a non-combustible material which is why you might find insurance policy discounts for it’s installation.

Lastly, being a Canadian company, we are often asked how metal roofs handle snow, and while snow melts quicker and slides more easily off of them, we can install snow guards (aka snow dams or snow gems) to help breaks up the snow. Best part is we can install your metal roof and the guards any time of year! That’s because we are professionals and are seasoned experts (get it) in metal roofing installation.

As the kids would say "That's so Metal." because wants more hardcore than a reliable and dependable roof? If you’re looking for a metal roof of any material, colour, or style, call United Roofing and Exteriors today!